Gorilla Island Club

Gorilla Island Club

There were 500 legendary gorillas. They entered a club where hundreds of future millionaires took a chance and entered the Gorilla Island Club. They aped in and accepted the opportunity to compete and achieve financial wealth; A tempting prize awaits.

The Gorilla Island Club is a club trying to achieve financial wealth abundance. With a squid game inspired mentality to join the elite we will work as a team and do anything it takes to win but instead of one winner; we can all win. The common goal is to move up the social class hierarchy together and for us to ALL win. The legend is that all the legendary Gorillas now all live in an Island.

The Gorilla Island Club (GIC) is a private collection of 500 unique legendary Gorilla Island Club apes that will also double as a membership card. All of these unique Gorilla Island club apes will be stored on the Ethereum network in a proof-of-ownership known as an ERC-1155 Non-Fungible Token (NFT).

Phase 1

We have decided to scale the pricing of this project. The first 100 Gorilla Island Club members will get to buy at the best price (0.05 Eth). Then the rest of the 400 Gorillas will scale up and be sold to the public to mint your own Gorilla Island Club ape (Sliding scale: 101-150 at 0.069, 151-200 at 0.077, 201-300 at 0.08, 301-399 at 0.096 and 400-500 at 0.1). A total of 500 Gorilla Island Club apes will be spread into the metaverse featuring the first pre-sale Gorilla Island Club winners!

Phase 2

The first 500 Gorilla Island Club member’s apes are set free to roam the planet. Owning a GIC will give you a VIP exclusive early access to our Gorilla Island Club Apparel collection that will be offered in Amazon as well as partaking in the design and creation of the apparel for the culture from the culture to everyone all over the world! As well as a unique one-of-a-kind fan art piece made by a famous artist from Miami Art Basel named Amir; inspired by Bored Ape Yatch Club, Squid Games, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z. Together we will bring up the floor price for us to all win (It’s inevitable)! We will beat the rat race and move up the financial hierarchy with this full proof strategy. This is the most competitive NFT collection where the winner is whoever sells for the highest!

Phase 3: We will have $1,000-$10,000 giveaways every month

Ethereum will be rewarded directly to your wallet every month just for owning a Gorilla Island Club (GIC) NFT. What’s a better utility? Join and have a life-long lottery ticket with 1/500 odds to win $1,000-$10,000 every month (Or more if you own several), exclusive perks and a fine art NFT that will keep going up in price. This will be funded by the Apparel store on Amazon as well as the royalties from the collection! It will create a high demand with the short supply of only 500 members that will lead to a rapid price increase! It’s like buying a lottery ticket but with way better odds for life!

Phase 4:

We will bring GIC (Gorilla Island Club) to the Metaverse and make a real-life clothing line. As a community we will take part in creating and voting for the apparel most loved for the Gorilla Island Club Apparel Amazon store! With our real-life Gucci and Versace inspired apparel created by the community and metaverse clothing line we will expand the brand and bring up the price of the NFT’s!

What People Say

“This will be the best upcoming NFT collectible of 2022 and will grow faster than Bored Ape Yatch Club”

Sergio Sanchez

Special Thanks to:

Artist: Amir

Talented artist with 15 years of art world experience. Has been featured all over the world and most recently in Miami Art Basel 2021

Creator: Gorilla Island Club collab.

Entrepreneurs trying to revolutionize the world.

Marketing: Janelle Fernandez

Likes to indulge by the beach and relax with a massage.

Mint a unique one-of-a-kind Gorilla Island Club ape with over 200 properties and join the club now!

Royalties will be used to develop, market and give back to the members!

$1,000-$10,000 will be rewarded in giveaways to Gorilla Island Club members every month once we sell-out

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